Personal Interview


You all know the meanings of the above words.

INTERVIEWER: the person (or persons) who ask questions during any interview

INTERVIEWEE: the person who answers the questions during any interview

INTERVIEW: the conversation in which one or more persons asks questions from candidate to check if he/she is suitable for the job, service, course or organization.

In today’s scenario, Interview is very important part of our life. It is present in each and every field whether it is govt. job or MNC job or some campus placement exam. Everybody has to face this interview thing at some moment of life. Indian Defence is also not an exception in this case. Interview is also present in 5 days SSB process. Here we call it Personal Interview (PI).

Here the Interviewing Officer (IO) will be a Service Selection Board member. Usually he/she will be the President or Deputy President of the board. During interview, IO will be having the candidate’s psychological report and the PIQ (Personal Information Questionnaire) form filled by the candidate. He will ask some basic questions and a series of 5-10 questions at a stretch known as Rapid Fire Questions. By doing so interviewing officer will cross check the candidate and note down the answers. This conversation between the candidate and the interviewing officer can be 30-60 minutes long. This one hour will decide your IO report. So don’t take it casually. Give your best replies with confidence.

Schedule & Timing of Personal Interview

  1. No particular day is fixed for personal interview. It can be on day of screening/on Psychology day / on GTO days i.e. on day 3 & day 4.
  2. Usually personal interview is conducted in the afternoon (1 pm-7 pm) after the conduct of that day’s tests.
  3. You will be informed well in advance about your Interview schedule & timing.

Dress code for PI

No special dress code is mentioned for the personal interview. The basic instruction is that, it must be a formal dress. You can’t wear casuals like jeans & T-Shirt for interview. We have given below the best combination possible. You can try this dress code for your personal interview-

  1. Pant:  You should wear dark color pant. Black is the best choice.
  2. Shirt: You can wear light color shirt .White is the best option. You can also try light blue.
  3. Belt: Leather (preferably black)
  4. Shoes: Black leather shoes (preferably with laces)
  5. Socks: Black
  6. Neck Tie: Optional
  7. Female candidates can wear light colour Suits/Sarees if they want to. 

Sample of Questions

We have given some questions commonly asked during personal interview. By reading below questions, candidates will get a rough idea of types of question they have to face during personal interview.

  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Who has given you this name?
  3. Where you have done your schooling?
  4. Your percentage in your tenth, twelfth and graduation.
  5. Tell about your family.
  6. Tell about your friends.
  7. Tell about your village/town/city/state.
  8. Names of your best friends and why they are your best friends.
  9. Which school /collage teacher you like the most? Give reason for same.
  10. Which school /collage teacher you don’t like? Give reason for not liking.
  11. Name of your favorite subject and why?
  12. Name of the subject you don’t like much and why you don’t like it?
  13. Why you want to join Army/Navy/Air Force ?

Most of the question will be based on what you have written in your PIQ .So fill your PIQ form carefully. Duration of interview is also not fixed. Depending on what you speak, it can be a long one or a short one.