How to Write TAT in SSB Interview

Friends we know that SSB interview is not an easy test. It may be one of the toughest interviews of the county. The reason is obvious. There are no hard and fast rules for success in SSB interview. Here we have listed some tips and suggestions that can help you in avoiding some very common mistakes and hence increase your chances of recommendation. We have given a brief introduction of psychology test along with method of writing the test.

Following Tests come under Psychology Series:

  1. TAT – Thematic Apperception Test
  2. WAT – Word Association Test
  3. SRT 
  4. SD

TAT – Thematic Apperception Test

TAT stands for Thematic Apperception Test. The procedure of this test is very simple. You will see a slide show of 12 pictures on a projector screen. 11 slides having black & white pictures or better say sketches and the 12th slide will be a blank slide. These slides change after a time period of four and a half minutes. In these 4½ minutes, you have to write a story on each sketch.

Important Points About Writing TAT – Thematic Apperception Test

  1. Stories should have a proper flow i.e. start, body and end.
  2. Try to pick stories from day to day activities e.g. for a playground sketch you may write story about a school match or collage match or inter university etc.
  3. Stories should be logical and practical e.g. in Jungle sketch never try to find way with a GPS.
  4. Never cram stories from any book available in market. By doing so you will lower your chances of recommendation. Make your own stories no matter what.
  5. Please don’t bring army /war/ defence in your each story. This is an indication of lack of imagination.
  6. Here you are the director of your story, so never become villain of the story. Always become the hero. From this we mean to say never become the reason or source of problem e.g. in accident scene, never make story like the accident took place because you were driving very fast or carelessly.
  7. For 12th slide you can write story about anything.
  8. 12th slide is also known as golden slide because you can prepare this story in advance. Here try to show your abilities/achievements /hard work etc.
  9. Never waste your time in describing the sketch e.g. the picture is having 2 boys and one car/the picture is having an angry old man and a young boy etc. Keep this thing for PPDT only.
  10. Never stick to a single picture. If you are having problem in completing this story, just move to the next one without wasting a single minute.
  11. Never cut/change whole story. You will just waste your valuable time & get a negative impact.
  12. Do practice of writing full story in a time less than 4 minutes.
  13. Keep the word limit for each story of approximately 100-120 words.
  14. Write story in which you actually do some work e.g. some past achievement.
  15. Don’t bother if your stories are different from most of candidates. This is very common because it’s your mind and your imagination work. Hence need not match with anybody else imagination.

By following these simple instructions, you can perform well in TAT. Along with these instructions, listen to the psychologist carefully. They will explain dos and don’ts of the test. You still having any doubt don’t hesitate in asking. Always remember one line “Abhi Nhi Toh Kabhi Nhi”.One very important tip we kept for last moment
– Never try to copy somebody. Show the real YOU .Believe us, then these test will automatically become easy for you.

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