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How to Write PPDT Story During SSB Interview

PPDT stands for picture perception and discussion test. PPDT story is a part of screening test. The story you write will definitely affect your screening result. So it’s very important to write a good story. Actually, No story is good or bad. The only thing is, whether it is acceptable or not. Here we will talk about, how to write an acceptable story.

PPDT Story Writing

The hazy picture is shown for 30 seconds and in next one minute; you have to write following details on answer sheet-

  1. No. of characters
  2. Age
  3. Sex
  4. Mood &
  5. Action 

When Writing Above Details, Follow These Simple Instructions

As it is a test of your imagination, you can take as many characters in the story, as you are observing in the picture. There is No limit on no. of characters in the story. There must be a main character or Hero in your story. Male candidates will assume it as a male character and female candidates will assume it as a female character. This main character must be of your own age. Rest characters can be of any age group. These characters can be male, female or person. When you are not sure about the gender of character, just simply write “person” in the box. Mood can be +/-/neutral. Try to imagine them in positive mood. Action can be any normal day to day life activity i.e. reading, playing, running, farming, gardening, dancing etc. Write the action in a single sentence mentioning name, age & mood of the characters.

Now we come on the story. It must be simple and practical. Don’t insert some SHAKTIMAAN or SUPERMEN powers in your characters. Most common mistake in PPDT is that candidates try to make a story only on defence or army theme. In each situation, they try to bring army, solider, war etc. You can make such stories, but it is a test of imagination. If you make only such type of stories, it will give a negative impact. It will show that you lack imagination power. So until it’s not necessary, don’t make a story on war or something like that.

The Story must be Written in This Order 

What led to the situation, what is going on in the situation and what will happen at the end.

We will give you one such example, so that you can understand the basic approach. We are not giving the complete story, because the preconceived stories never work. You have to use your own imagination to complete the story. The actual picture will be very hazy. The example given below is quiet clear, just to make you understand the basic idea.

Right approach:

  1. There can be a story on friends enjoying a picnic tour.
  2. There can be a story on orchard visit on river side.
  3. There can be story on arranging a NCC camp.

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