How to Narrate PPDT Story During SSB Interview

PPDT story is very important part of SSB screening. PPDT stand for Picture Perception and Discussion Test. PPDT can be divided into 4 major subparts. These 4 parts are interrelated as such.

Picture -> Story -> Narration ->Discussion i.e. Picture is the starting point & discussion is the end point of this test.

  • The discussion will be based on narration of each candidate.
  • The narration will be based on what a candidate wrote on paper in his/her story.
  • Story will be based on what he/she see in the picture.

Actually this picture will be a black & white sketch and a very blurred sketch projected on screen. Here the test procedure is very simple. A picture will be shown to you. Candidates will write a story based on what they see in the picture. Now next part is the narration. They will narrate in front of the group, what they have written on the answer sheet. Now the last part is the Group Discussion (GD).

Now we will talk about the very first critical point of the SSB interview i.e. Narration of PPDT Story. It is the first time when a candidate speaks in front of assessors of SSB Interview. This part is also important from the point of view of screening result. The assessors will decide whether the candidate will stay at the selection center for next 4 days for further testing or Not?

How to Narrate PPDT Story

Start with a hello/greeting to everybody. Here you have to narrate your story to whole group, not to assessors alone. Avoid unnecessary details during narration e.g. no. of characters, their age, Sex, mood etc. These things are written on answer sheets lying in front of testing officers on the table.

One important thing, if you were not able to complete your story on answer sheet, try to narrate the complete story when your turn comes. Avoid changing your story from what you have written on paper. You can change some words, but keep the basic idea unchanged e.g. if you were going to Delhi for holiday trip in paper story, you may go Chandigarh in narration. But avoid changes like you go for war in narration and for picnic on paper. Keep this point in mind because it can become your first and last mistake at SSB selection center.

Never try to make your narration lengthy with extra words or explanation. The testing officers just want to know the basic idea of your story. Not every single detail of your story. So try to express your story in minimum possible words & when the testing officers ask you to stop, just stop speaking.

It is your very first impression on the assessors and other candidates. So prepare well yourself and don’t forget to make eye contact with everybody. During narration stand in a straight position & avoid unnecessary body movements. Narrate your story in a loud and clear voice so that each and every candidate listens to your story. In whole screening process, your narration alone can become reason of getting in or out. So practice well for PPDT story & Narration. That’s all about the PPDT Narration.

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