GTO Tasks in SSB Interview – Snake Race & Command Task

Today we will explain you two very important GTO tasks i.e.

  1. Snake Race &
  2. Command Task

Snake Race:

As the name suggest, it is a simple race. This is a test of stage 2 of SSB interview. GTO will conduct this race in two or three teams. Number of teams depend on no. of candidates qualified in stage I i.e. Screening. One team will have 5-10 members. These team members will hold a snake like rope structure made of jute. It looks like a long snake, so we call it a snake race. J

How to Perform in SNAKE RACE

  1. This is the task where you have to use your physical strength. So do some practice of running and push-ups before coming to the selection centre for the SSB Interview.
  2. Listen time penalty rules and instructions carefully delivered by group testing officer before the start of snake race.
  3. Help the group members in holding the snake during the race.
  4. Help the group members those having problem in climbing the wall & crossing the Balli Bridge.
  5. Avoid breaking the colour rule.
  6. Motivate the weak group members. Never do the mistake of shouting on them.
  7. War cry eg. Jai mata di, bharat mata ki ji etc. are there for no reason. So don’t use extra energy in shouting too much loudly. We are saying so because after snake race, you have to deliver a 3 minute speech i.e. Lecturette in front of group members & GTO. So keep your voice safe for this next task.

Command Task

It is task through which commanding ability of candidates is tested. The procedure of command task is very simple. The GTO will call each candidate one by one in ascending or descending order of their chest numbers. GTO will ask you to choose two subordinates out of the rest group members. The task starts when GTO gives you a task or problem.

After the explanation he/she will ask you to call your subordinates. You have to explain the given problem to your subordinates’ candidates and you can take help of these two candidates in solving the problem. In this take you are the commander and the candidates are your followers. During this test other group members have to sit far away from the testing area facing their back to ongoing task.

How to Perform in COMMAND Task

  1. First very important thing is your voice. It should be loud and clear whenever you’re dealing with your subordinates. Never talk with them in a casual manner. Here you are the boss and they are followers of your order.
  2. First thing you have to do after start of task is-Explain the task / problem to your subordinates. Explaining means telling about color rules, supporting material available etc.
  3. Choose subordinate wisely. Never follow the flow. Whom others are calling is may not be good for you too. Your subordinate should have following qualities – carefully listening ability and intelligent enough to give you suggestion at the moment of need.
  4. If you are called as a subordinate then, just follow your commander. Take orders and do whatever he/she ask you to do. Here whatever means whatever. Even if you know a better solution of problem, don’t suggest without asking for same.
  5. Whenever your subordinates try to become your commander by suggesting you too much even without asking or do something against your order, then deal with them accordingly or better say strictly. (Here you are the commander so, you can punish them too.)

Just follow these simple instructions and start enjoying the GTO tasks. It is the master key of success in GTO.

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