Day 3: GTO Tips for SSB Interview – Group Task Officer

In the 5 days of SSB interview, 3rd and 4th days are called GTO {Group Task Officer} days. It covers 40% part of SSB interview. Candidates have to perform a total of 9 tasks in two days. Out of these tasks, some are indoor tasks and remaining are outdoor activities. Hence we can divide these 9 tasks further in two subtypes:

Indoor Tasks:

  1. Group Discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise
  3. Lecturette

Outdoor Tasks:

  1. PGT (Progressive Group Task)
  2. HGT (Half Group Task)
  3. Snake Race
  4. Command Task
  5. Individual Obstacles
  6. Final Group Task

We must perform well in these indoor and outdoor activities and should avoid silly mistakes. Here we have given below some points; you must take care during group tasks-

Group Discussion:

  1. Group Discussion is usually the 1st GTO task. In GD, you have to show your ability to initiate things.
  2. You should try to be the first speaker. If not possible, then 2nd or 3rd.
  3. Keep one thing in mind, speaking anything illogical will not bring marks to you.
  4. First understand the topic of group discussion, collect your points in mind and then speak.
  5. Include facts & figures in your points.
  6. Don’t repeat the points; already given by you or some other candidate.
  7. Don‘t show aggressiveness during GD.

Group Planning Exercise:

  1. GPE is usually the 2nd task of day GTO and it is an indoor task.
  2. Group Testing Officer (GTO) will explain the full situation and problems to the group. Listen to him very carefully.
  3. When are not sure about something, you can’t plan for that thing .Hence clear all doubts when GTO ask for the same. After that, No doubts will be entertained.
  4. When GTO show you the situation map, see the important landmarks very carefully e.g. Dead ground, forest, roads, village etc.
  5. There will be 4 or 5 problems in the situation. You have to handle them.
  6. GOLDEN rule of GPE-Effectively utilize available man, material and time. Use minimum man power, material and time to achieve maximum.
  7. Write group planning story in future tense only.
  8. Write the story in neat & clean handwriting.
  9. Always remember, chest numbers are the only identities, you will be using during each and every test. So don’t call anybody by his/her name.

Progressive Group Task:

  1. Try to find quick and workable ideas for crossing the obstacles.
  2. Don’t break the colour rule.
  3. There will be restrictions on your physicals strengths e.g.-You can’t jump more than 4 feet in any case. Any distance more than 4 feet must be crossed with the help of supporting materials e.g. Balli, rope, plank.
  4. Don’t become the load (Drum or Box) carrier of group. You should keep it passing to other candidates.
  5. Also listen to other candidates’ ideas.
  6. Help the group members in implementing their ideas.
  7. Don’t look toward the GTO during the task.
  8. Never stand on earth or free ground. It should be treated as red paint area (restricted area).

Half Group Task

  1. Rules for half group task are same as they were in Progressive Group Task (PGT).
  2. Here the half group will be working together to cross the obstacles.
  3. If you missed some ideas in PGT due to any reason, you can give and implement those ideas in HGT.


  1. Order of conduct of tasks can be changed by the GTO.
  2. GTO can conduct all 9 tasks on a single day (day 3 or day4). It all depends on the GTO’s mood and the group performance.
  3. Don’t wear watch or ring or any other such things. It’s strictly prohibited in GTO ground.
  4. Candidate can’t visit testing areas before or after testing hours.

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