Common Misconceptions About SSB interview

 This article is especially for our fresher defence aspirants. We know that whenever you are going to attend SSB interview, you will get various instructions from friends/neighbours/ repeaters or better say SSB interview experience holders. Sometimes you get good advices, sometimes you get bad advices.

We are here to eliminate those bad advices or Misconception about ssb interview. Here we have listed some common doubts of fresher or even repeater candidates. Due to these doubts, candidates fail to show his/her true performance. So it’s very necessary to clear these doubts before reaching to the ssb selection centre.

1. Misconception – SSB Staff is Testing You Everywhere

It is very common myth about the ssb interview i.e. ssb selection centre staff members are watching/testing candidates during their lunch/breakfast/dinner in candidate mess. How you eat the food & how you hold your spoon/knife etc.

Reality: Nobody observe you other than SSB BOARD members and testing is done only in testing area or testing hall, not in candidate mess or candidate lines.

2.  Misconception – SSB spy will observe you at railway station.

This is funniest misconception about the ssb i.e. how you enter in the selection centre bus?

 How you speak to other candidates at MCO?

How you speak to the selection centre representative at MCO?

Reality: No such spy is there at railway station. SSB Board member will get enough chances to test you at selection centre. They need not to hire such secret spy.

3. Misconception – Never give suggestions in conference.

It is also a very common misconception i.e. never suggest anything during conference. Suggestion means you are not satisfied with the facilities provided to you during your stay at selection centre.

Reality: If you are asked for suggestions, never hesitate in suggesting if you are having a really good & practical suggestion in your mind. There is a big difference in complaints & suggestions. You must understand the basic difference between a suggestion & a complaint. Suggestion is for betterment of something & complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction. You should keep in mind that Indian Defence doesn’t like a complaint guy/girl.

4. Misconception – You are in competition with other candidates

Sometimes candidates assume that they have to compete with other candidates at selection centre. They start to think that by defeating others he/she can be selected/ recommended.

Reality:  It’s totally bullshit. This can be your biggest mistake at selection centre. Always keep in mind; they are not selecting the best one. They are selecting the right one. So anybody else’s performance will not affect your selection or rejection.

 If you have it in you, you will be recommended. So never try to compete with other candidates. Just try to improve your own performance.

5. Misconception – You can’t go for MOVIE /CYBER CAFÉ during city visit.

Some people may advice you that you should not go for movie or cyber café during your 5 days stay at selection centre. It will leave a bad impression.

Reality:  It will not leave any kind of bad impression if you go for a movie or cyber cafe. These are also ways of entertainment. Even you will get both these facilities inside the selection centre campus at most of the SSB centres. You can utilize them but only in mentioned hours i.e. after day’s testing is over. To use internet facility in cyber café, you may have to pay charges.

6. Misconception – SSB centre is a Rejection Centre.

After getting rejected various times from same SSB Centre, some candidates may say that the particular ssb centre is not selection centre. It is a rejection centre.

Reality: There exists no such thing as rejection centre. At ssb selection centre, various testing officers are there to select you, not to reject you. They require good officers for various branches of Indian defence. That’s why there is no limit on number of selections from a particular board or selection centre.

We hope that we have cleared you most of the doubts.

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