Common Group Discussion Mistakes in SSB Interview

Group discussion is of utter most importance in SSB Interview. This is the only test which is repeated during 5 days of SSB interview testing. Candidates have to face Group Discussion 4 time i.e.

If you don’t perform well in GD, chances of your selection in SSB interview decrease. GD is a little bit tough test for most of the candidates because your result depends on the performance of whole group and how your team members behave during the conduct of GD. It’s like driving a car on a busy road having 10-15 other cars. You have to drive well and also have to take care that others don’t hit your car.

Same rule is applicable in Group Discussion. You have to perform well and also have to take care that any illogical point/unnecessary argument with any other candidate doesn’t spoil your performance.

So as you have to face this test various times during 5 days of SSB, the chance of mistake in it increases. There are various common mistakes those are done by candidates during group discussion. We have given the list of those common mistakes so that you avoid such mistakes and enhance your performance.

  • Getting hyper is GD is most common mistake done by candidates. They forget the motto of GD and try to prove their point at any cost. In this attempt they loss their calm & control.
  • Giving illogical points is the 2nd most common mistake. In hurry of speaking first, candidates use points without any logic or base. This thing is sufficient for your rejection.
  • Repeating of points is also very common during group discussion. Candidates don’t use their thinking & mind and just start repeating their own points and points those are already given by other candidates.
  • A very famous mistake is “a silent candidate”. They don’t speak at all. From the start of GD to the end, they don’t even try to bring out a single word from their mouth.
  • Some candidates try to look on GTO They want to know what he/she is doing. For their kind information, he/she is just observing you. J
  • Some candidates use a mixture of language during GD. They use English+ Hindi + local languages.
  • Not giving others a chance to speak is also a mistake. More or better say excess speaking during GD will show a dominating nature.
  • An effort to conduct to GD is also a very popular mistake. It is a sign of overconfidence that sooner or later will become your reason of rejection.
  • Pointing or targeting to a single candidate is also not good for you. Each and every candidate should be treated equally.
  • Last but not the least. This mistake is very common and done by most of the candidates. They don’t listen to what other candidate is saying. This is purely your loss because you will miss various points & idea that you could get from others’ points.

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