Last Moment Tips for NDA & NA Exam

National Defence Academy & Naval Academy (NDA & NA) exam, the most popular exam in 12th passed or appearing defence aspirants. Reason for that– it is one of the first officer’s entry exams in Indian defence. It is conducted by Union Public Service Commission, twice in a year. Now we will talk about 1st NDA … Read more

Common Misconceptions About SSB interview

 This article is especially for our fresher defence aspirants. We know that whenever you are going to attend SSB interview, you will get various instructions from friends/neighbours/ repeaters or better say SSB interview experience holders. Sometimes you get good advices, sometimes you get bad advices. We are here to eliminate those bad advices or Misconception … Read more

How to Write TAT in SSB Interview

Friends we know that SSB interview is not an easy test. It may be one of the toughest interviews of the county. The reason is obvious. There are no hard and fast rules for success in SSB interview. Here we have listed some tips and suggestions that can help you in avoiding some very common … Read more

Common Group Discussion Mistakes in SSB Interview

Group discussion is of utter most importance in SSB Interview. This is the only test which is repeated during 5 days of SSB interview testing. Candidates have to face Group Discussion 4 time i.e. PPDT Discussion in Day 1 Screening, Group Discussion in GTO (Twice) Group Discussion in GPE (Group Planning Exercise) If you don’t … Read more

How to Narrate PPDT Story During SSB Interview

PPDT story is very important part of SSB screening. PPDT stand for Picture Perception and Discussion Test. PPDT can be divided into 4 major subparts. These 4 parts are interrelated as such. Picture -> Story -> Narration ->Discussion i.e. Picture is the starting point & discussion is the end point of this test. The discussion … Read more

Difference Between a Fresher, Repeater, Screen Out & Merit Out Candidates ?

When a candidate is going to attend SSB Interview, He or she will be put into one of the below given categories. Fresher Candidate Screen out Candidate Conference out Candidate Recommended Candidate Medical out Candidate Merit out Candidate Candidates have a very common doubt that in which category they will lie. So today we will … Read more

Common Questions Asked During Personal Interview

Personal interview is very important part of SSB procedure. It is a conversation between the interviewing officer / officers and the individual candidate. Usually interviewing officer will be the President or Deputy President of the board of selection centre. The thing that makes it a nightmare for most of defence aspirants is that there is … Read more

GTO Tasks in SSB Interview – Snake Race & Command Task

Today we will explain you two very important GTO tasks i.e. Snake Race & Command Task Snake Race: As the name suggest, it is a simple race. This is a test of stage 2 of SSB interview. GTO will conduct this race in two or three teams. Number of teams depend on no. of candidates … Read more

Day 3: GTO Tips for SSB Interview – Group Task Officer

In the 5 days of SSB interview, 3rd and 4th days are called GTO {Group Task Officer} days. It covers 40% part of SSB interview. Candidates have to perform a total of 9 tasks in two days. Out of these tasks, some are indoor tasks and remaining are outdoor activities. Hence we can divide these … Read more